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A home or index page for Douglas Pardoe Wilson, of Sooke, British Columbia, with references to several other pages that should be of some interest..

I believe that the most important thing in the world is finding other people. At this point in my life I am most concerned with finding people to work with, and I think that the ultimate solution to the world's problems lies with everybody finding other they can and will work with. However it is also important to find a lover or spouse, of whatever sex you are attracted to, and a best friend, someone of the sex you are not attracted to, so that sexual attraction will not intefere with pure friendship.

For more information on this, see FindCompatibles a page devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

Technology for finding people and other aspects of a good social environment is social technology. I believe I was the first person to use this phrase on the Internet, in my old social technology mailing list, before the Web was invented. There is immense potential in social technology, which includes such social utilities as Facebook, but must also include the technology for finding people mentioned above.

For more information, see Social Tech a page about Social Technology, a page about technology for social purposes.

Social Technology must include several things that do not yet exist, such as the technology for finding people. Such future technology is the subject of my Technological Fantasies, which include many more fantasies of future worlds, hardware, software and social change.

For more information, see Technological Fantasies , a page devoted to future technology.

Probably the most exotic and apparently unlikely technological fantasy is practical immortality. Not immortality in any religious sense, but in a practical, technological sense. I first became interested in this when writing a very very long novel. After about 2,000 pages or so I was so in love with my main characters that I could not bear to kill them off. Exploring ways to avoid this, I found good reasons to believe a practical method for achieving immortality exists.

For more information, see Practical Immortality, which discusses not the immortality of the body, nor making a copy of the mind in a machine, but actual transfer of a person, personality, memory and consciousness into a supercomputer.

Roughly corresponding to these web pages are the following blogs:

FindCompatibles devoted to matching people with friends, lovers, jobs, places to live and so on, but doing so in ways that will actually work, using good math, good algorithms, good analysis.

Technological Fantasies devoted to future stuff, new ideas, things that might be invented or might happen, such as what is listed above and below.

Practical Immortality yes, practical immortality. Don't write this off as insanity, please. See the first entry in the blog first.

Sex-Politics-Religion is a blog about these important topics, which I have been told should never be mentioned in polite conversation. Alright that advice does seem a bit dated, but many people are still told not to bring up these subjects around the dinner table.

Type in this address to e-mail me. The image is interesting. See Social Technology

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